Over the years, I've compiled the following collection of external resources that have proven beneficial to my career.

Daily Intel Gathering

NIFC Daily Report

A daily/weekly PDF report compiled by NIFC that contains current fire information and national preparedness level.

Wildfire Intel

An online forum where firefighters, fire contractors, or other fire related personnel post current fire conditions.

Seasonal Outlook

Quarterly document produced by NIFC Predictive Services which discusses fire, weather, and fuel outlooks.


View a large network of remote cameras that look for and monitor wildfires.


An interactive map showing satellite detected wildfires.

Weather & Climate

RAMMB Slider

An interactive weather map showing many different data layers based on satellite intel.

COD Satellite & Radar

Another interactive weather map from the College of DuPage. Various zoom levels and layers.

NOAA Smoke Maps

A great site for tracking and predicting smoke travel from major wildland fires.

NOAA Model Guidance

Current model data with visual maps of various forecasted weather. Can choose model type and area.


A great interactive map showing current and future wind speeds and directions.

Drought Monitor

Current drought information including maps and detailed discussion on potential impacts to fires.

Health & Safety

A site with information relating to firefighter asbestos exposure and related health concerns.

Healing Our Own

Firefighter PTSD and suicide prevention assistance and resources.